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Honor of Singularities
Date of Release:2018-04-10   viewed:591

A thousand kilometers of coastline rambles with sea-mountainous landscape into the distance

like a wondrous panorama.

East or west, Weihai is the best. 


Coastal Holiday Resort, World Habitable City


Demonstration Zone of China-Korea Free Trade Area Local Economic Cooperation


Pilot City of National Service Trade Innovation and Development


Demonstration Zone of National Independent Innovation in Shandong Peninsula


Top-Ranked National Civilized City in New-Evaluated Prefecture-Level Cities


China's First Nationally Recognized Sanitary City


China's First National Model City for Environmental Protection


China's First National Excellent Tourist City Cluster


First National Garden City Cluster in northern China


The National Forest City


China's Habitat Environmental Award


Dubai International Award for Best Practices to Improve Living Environment


Top 40 Cities of Investment Environment and Top 50 Cities of Comprehensive Economic Strength


15th-ranked in China's Urban Public Civilization Index